Gerry Hughes


I am a 24 year old photographer from Bath Spa. From the moment I finished my A-levels, I immediately attempted to establish my name into the photographic industry.

I then later went on to build my own fashion portraiture brand ‘Awoken Photography UK’ in which I am currently still pursuing day in day out.

I discovered my passion for photography early into my initial studies when I was given my first portraiture assignment. I choose my first young love as my subject. Working together with my feelings, I strove to achieve an image that showed her personality, in the hope that anyone looking at it would instantly get a feeling for who she was as a person. Finding true inner enjoyment form this, I knew I had discovered what makes me happy.

I keep this to myself most times, but I wish to be honest in this description seeing as everyone else on the MA course has been kind to do so. I suffer a from condition, a chemical imbalance in the brain which the majority label as ‘depression’ for the most part of my life which automatically makes things very difficult for me to mentally process. My mood by default is low and difficult to maintain. (Side note, my grammar is terrible, please bear with me). Tying this factor into my photography, with having often seen things through out my life in a dark way, I like to portray the opposite by bringing in much colour and light into my photographs, I guess resembling the bright side I am always searching for.

I look forward to expanding my creative vision, I am focused on the more modern aspects of photography so I wish to learn more in depth of the past and how it began, along with improving my writing and presentation skills.

Good luck to everyone on the course,

Thank you for your time.

Awoken Photography UK