Hands On | Week 7: Workshop Guidance | Surfaces and Strategies | Lesson/Research |

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Workshop – “short-term, intensive and problem-focused learning experience that actively involves participants in the identification and analysis of problems and in the development and evaluation of solutions”

  • What is your role as a photographer?

In a workshop environment, the photographers role is to set an example. By showing what you have been able to capture and how it was achieved. Potentially demonstrating what it is you would like the members to base their challenge around. Leading the work shop will require confidence, clear communication and excellent listening skills.

  • How can you help others?

By clearly explaining what it is you want your members of the workshop to create. Detailed instructions with visual references. Paying attention to everybody’s questions and their performance. Offering tips and tricks, stepping in when you think it is needed.

  • What might teaching others actually teach you?

When someone gives others advice it often leads to the person giving it to say things they forget to say to themselves. We are learning every day, and being in a room full of photographer is certainly no exception. With ideas flying all over the room for multiple perspective, one is sure to pick up alternative ideas, skills and techniques off others.

My idea for a workshop…?





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