Preparation | Week 5: Three ‘Surfaces’ | Surfaces and Strategies | Lesson/Research |

Feature Image


  • How much do you consider the audience when making your work?

The audience is always in my mind but I cannot change what their perspectives are so I try my best not to stress too much over what they will think of it other than I hope it is enjoyed by at least someone.

When presenting my images online I think the order in which the images are shown from start to finish is very important. After having to bring a body of work down to a more appropriate size by carefully selecting the final images you want to display (which I find is a very difficult task to do as I explained in previous blog posts) I will look through the images again and again over a number of times and then rearrange them into and order that I believe showcases the progress from start to finish.

For example…

The first part of showcasing your work will be the images that introduce the shoot, giving the viewer an impression of what is to come, these will be nether your worse or your best…

The middle of the body of work will be your, what I like to call, miscellaneous images. Here you will include the images that you think are worthy of being finals, but they are not your favourites. You are unsure if they will be taken as well as the first selection of images for the beginning of the body.

Finally the last part of the images is where the shoot came to an end and hopefully, what you think are your strongest pieces of work from the body. This will show the viewer what you truly managed to accomplish at the peak of your shoot and will leave them with a reward for going through and committing to the end of the images you have displayed.

  • How much would you allow a curator to influence the reading of your work?

As curators will be knowledgeable of the exhibitions location and how it will be designed, I will be happy to make subtle changes through guidance as long as it is doesn’t involve changing what I have already and will continue to create. If that were to happen then I feel the personality of my work would be at risk of being determined by someone else’s.

  • Can curators be useful to your practice?

I am unwise to this as I have had no contact with a curator to this date nor have I been knowledgeable about them. But after watching the interview and reading from a few sources, as Shihoko iida said in this weeks interview, it’s optimal that you have a team with you.


Exhibition Work Proposal…

Ominous, unearthly, hidden, radiance, darkness.

The aim is to display the visual impact that can be achieved when experimenting with negative enhancements that are other than the photos original negative form when first captured onto film, tested against different weather conditions such as heavy fog and subjects hidden in the distance leaving eerie results.

If possible, to be displayed on a dark surface, dimly lit, either on the wall or hanging, potentially with low volume atmospheric music playing.







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