Assignment |Presentation: My Photographic Practice| Positions and Practice

Here is the link to my presentation on my photographic practice if you’d like to view,

Click Here

Here is the feedback I received.

Jesse Alexander 7 Dec 2016 at 20:53
“You have clearly immersed yourself in this assignment and produced a high quality, engaging and interesting presentation. You use graphics and typography confidently and it is applied with sophistication. It could be argued that your presentation is too heavily narrative, but you succeed in outlining what you learned during each phase of your practice and how you used the experience to move you forwards. You use pauses well and allow the viewer to take stock before moving to the next phase of the presentation, but at times your narration is too hurried and you have attempted to cram in too much: be more disciplined and focus on the most important bits. The inclusion of Rankin was welcomed but more reference to your points of influence would have been welcomed. (i.e. other photographers and artists.) The next module will give you plenty of opportunity to critically explore ideas around meaning and interpretation of imagery, although a little more of your own initiated contextual research would have been welcomed at this stage. Well done indeed and good luck with the next stage of your course. LO3: 65 LO5: 70 LO6: 90 Average: 75% (Distinction) Score for assignment ( /40): 30”
Gerry Hughes 9 Dec 2016 at 10:25
Looking back at the feedback combined with going over the learning outcomes again with time to reflect, I can understand. I should of talked more about my research, I was thinking to also include my thoughts and inspiration drawn from Ansel Adams at the time. I feel I could of been more descriptive of how I felt about my photos visually and definitely could have mentioned more about how my critical observations upon my peers and other practitioners work. Many ideas are springing to mind now but I guess its done now. Yes I too was concerned of how fast it had to speak, I was doing my best to fit everything into 10 minutes, it was a challenging task to read everything back and I felt pushed for time as I was/am behind on the deadline date due to many factors.. but I see now it would had been wise to had shorted the script, removing less important parts and replacing them with more precise, focused points. Thanks for the feedback, I’ll for sure take this onboard.
I am personally not too happy with my score, especially after the time/sacrifices to make it, but only because I know I could have improved it and this doesn’t mean to say I haven’t understood my feedback and the points that I could and now should have included. I am appreciative that I passed. I have come to the conclusion that I missed out big time by not reading the leaning outcomes/assessment criteria pass objectives and based the presentation out of honesty and entertainment to share my practice, more than a critical outlook. I do wish I could go back, because I know now I would have been able to improve it, now i’m more aware of the criteria pass outcomes, my bad, yes. The whole process was challenging, from being in Thailand, writing a script, recording the voice, making sure it can all be edited into 10 minutes, finding the resources for the visuals, correcting the time for the transitions to be inlace with the music and volume levels, but I get it, its not just about how the presentation is presented. It’s about the research and criticisms of others and my own work.
Thanks for watching.



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