Where did you last see it? |Week 8: Exploring Contexts| Positions and Practice

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[Disclaimer – Unfortunately, due to major time restraints and difficult living circumstances, I will be taking notes in my physical journal, but my thought sharing posts for the remaining weeks of module ones lessons will be shorter than my previous blog posts, they will be back to normal for the second module, apologies]

This lesson I was extremely drawn to Jason Evens – ‘NYLPT’ body of work, not only do I find the idea of merging 5 different cities into one photograph inspiring, but the idea of randomising the exposures so that you would end up with a different outcome every time in my opinion is a smart move. Leaving his work down to chance lead to interesting and fresh finishes each time.

An example of how this looks can be found here –  Link

How do I base my creative decisions about the final outcome of the body of work and how can we stop pre-conceived ideas about the presentation context from dampening our own open mindness?

I base my creative decisions on creating something that will be clear, clean, simple and subtle. I have pre-visualiseed a white or black website or a book with minimal text. However, this seems to be a trend now used by a large amount of photographers. I understand that by visualising and sticking a this certain theme such as the minimalistic look, (whilst successfully making the photos easy to view) may infact limit the chance of exploring new ways to display the photographs. I do agree that the way in which photographs are displayed affect the viewers feelings towards the final images of a body of work in different ways, and I take this matter into deep consideration, which actually leaves the task of selecting the final context for released images a daunting process for me, as I want to get it right first time, but then again, some would argue that it can never be ‘right or ‘perfect’ due to each individuals unique reaction. I would suggest to have a brief idea, but be acceptable to change and be prepared for a new idea to arise which will most likely spring to mind when evolving through out the practice, if it is fitting, go for it.

I will be displaying my work in progress for my project through out the course here, in my Critical Research Journal.

Final images for the project will also be displayed here and through an external website which I am yet to decide.



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