Sharing’s Caring |Week 3: Collaboration| Positions and Practice

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How far would you say that I already collaborate with others?

Apart from working with models, agencies, fashion brands and music artists. I am still yet to collaborate with another photographer. I previously had plans with a graphic designer/photographer that I met over twitter, he had received awards for his photography, but I personally thought he was better at graphic design in my opinion. The plan never fell through. We had intended to do the double exposure nature cross portrait thing that has been done a number of times by photographers before. Didn’t interest me.

How might my practice benefit from collaboration or thinking more openly about ideas around ownership?

I still have plans to collaborate with photographers in the near future. It can help you spark ideas across to one another whilst critiquing. You can combine your styles together for a unique blended outcome e.g one person shoots, the other edits or, you cross process the images together in a double exposure or, you shoot similar images but in different locations to then bring them side by side. It can also help promote yourself by reaching out to each others following, introducing there name and style.

Collaboration Activity

Unfortunately, I was unable to fully partake in this weeks activity due to time restraints with myself and my partner Simon. However, we exchanged ideas over direct messages and I managed to still put something together. Simons has always enjoyed images with text involved like a motivating or inspiring quote. I immediately was attracted to the idea, as I myself am already involved in this having created several pieces of typography for the use of flyers, adverts or simple Instagram quotes. Simons original idea was to use reflections and to then have somewhat of a reflective, fitting quote. I purposed the idea of taking an image of a man or a woman stood against a puddle to where the persons whole body would be reflected beneath them, upside down. Then we put the two of our images side by side, one upright and one facing downwards so the reflection is stood upright. Then to finish off, we would find and agree on a fitting quote that could ether placed as one separately for each image, or one quote that runs across, beginning on the first the first image and finishing on the second. I offered to do the editing for this. Simon was tied up by work so he didn’t have the time to find the exact shot we where looking for, but he managed to send over some of his previous reflective work for this micro project. So I took and edited an image of a my friend against water creating a reflection. I also ran a edit over Simons mountain water image and applied the quotes.

I started off with this…


On to this..


Then tested the outcome side by side together like so…


And finally, my edit of Simons image…

For full screen click on image…

It was good to exchange this ideas and it shows how quickly concepts can grow when bounced off one another. In these images, I think that the use of the words can divert the viewers imagination and initial reaction of the image to a different line of thought by the mixture of visual impact as opposed to it being just the image alone.


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